God Girl’s Got News: My Happy Return to Fourth Estate


Imgage via Wiki Commons: http://bit.ly/VvGUxk

It is with great delight that I share some (personal) breaking news: At the end of the month, I will be joining the staff of the Orange County Register as its Faith & Values Columnist.

I’ll be on sabbatical until then, but I am thrilled to be joining the Register in this new era, with a publisher, Aaron Kushner, who believes in the power and necessity of excellent newspaper journalism. In the last few months, the Register has hired more than 70 new reporters, columnists, editors,  and designers.

When I visited the Register offices in Santa Ana late last year, I found something I hadn’t seen in more than a decade and feared I might never see again: a thriving newsroom. Every seat filled. Humming with the sounds of reporters doing their thing. Bubbling with energy and excitement. Unnamed_CCI_EPS

I was beyond thrilled to meet astute and creative editors who understand the importance of covering issues of faith, religion, values, morals, ethics, and belief that are a vital part of the fabric, history, and future of Orange County.

During the 3.5 years since my family relocated from Chicago to Orange County, I have fallen head-over-heels in love with this magical place, its lively and diverse community, and the extraordinary people I’m blessed to call my neighbors.

I can’t wait to dig in, discover, and tell their stories.

It’s an unexpected new chapter in my life for which I am deeply grateful.

Thanks to all of you for walking with me these many years and for joining me on this new adventure.

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9 thoughts on “God Girl’s Got News: My Happy Return to Fourth Estate

  1. Congratulations! This is great news indeed, and it’ll be great to a more robust reflection on the deeper life that’s more than surface deep right here in Orange County.

  2. Congratulations! How wonderful for you! Sending many blessings for you in your new venture!

  3. Wow, fantastic news. Congratulations, Cathleen!

  4. margaretfeinberg

    Cathleen, praying for you as you begin this new and exciting journey!

  5. Awesome. We’re thrilled to hear the news. Congrats!

  6. caseycora

    So awesome. Congrats, Cathi! Can’t wait to read ya.

  7. Couldn’t find a better place to land! I was excited too about its barrage of new hiring and creative thinking. Look forward to reading you.

  8. paperlessworld

    God so made the world, visible and invisible. And landscapes do not talk to strangers.

    So you moved to a magical place.., which I think must be a lot like Ireland.

    The news today is the Orange Order staged massive parades across the British north, attacking lines of Belfast riot police in flame-retardant suits, with abnormally hot temperatures, Friday as Northern Ireland’s annual mass marches.

    Yeah, stories of a past should not fit comfortably in such magical places, otherwise why would, why should, young people care? God so made the world, and someone wrote the stories. So to capture the reader in story — to explain why to care — comes the mystery. about magical places.

    It is the landscape that makes part of the everyday miraculous. People and things from the past resurface there; miraculous things happen.

    “If you ever go across the sea to Ireland…where the women speak a language strangers do not know.”

    Since you are not blogging, I want some of your readers….

  9. paperlessworld

    As a footnote, I have your book “The God Factor” on my shelf. I did not know yesterday that you were that Cathleen Falsani.

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