Faith&Film Consulting

  • For the forthcoming film, There Be Dragons, by Academy Award-nominated director Roland Joffe for Icon Films: Authored a six-week group study guide for churches and other religious congregations to accompany the film’s release in 2011.
  • For Focus Film’s “Films in Focus” web site: Wrote an essay for the Focus Film’s site about the spirituality of Oscar-winning directors/writers/producers Joel & Ethan Coen‘s films on the occasion of the release of their 2009 film,  A Serious Man.

Further references, etc.,  available on request.


2 thoughts on “Faith&Film Consulting

  1. Hi, we might be interested in the six-week group study guide for There be Dragons. How can we get copies.

    • hi frank,
      thanks for the interest in the film and guides. the film isn’t due to be released until next spring and i believe the guides’ release will coincide with that.
      that said, if you go to the film’s web site, you’ll find more information about how to get the guides, etc. i’m not involved in their distribution. just the author.
      all best,

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